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Kewton resident Clifford Joseph Hendricks has become the centre of a landmark case to determine whether the Dräger breathalyser can reliably be used to test whether motorists have been drinking alcohol and driving.

The case started in the Western Cape High Court on Monday where Hendricks, 27, appeared on a charge of driving with an excess alcohol concentration in his breath.

Two weeks have been set aside for the case, which is expected to wrap up next Thursday.

Hendricks was arrested on January 23 last year and tested with a breathalyser. The device, the Dräger Alcotest 7110 Mark III, measures the amount of alcohol in one’s breath and is being used in the city’s drunk driving war room in Athlone.

It is illegal to drive with a breath alcohol concentration greater than the prescribed limit of 0.24mg per 1 000ml.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in the Western Cape is the first in the country to bring the use of the Dräger to court to prove its reliability.

Despite leading to successful prosecutions, the reliability of the breathalyser has been brought into question a number of times. Read more

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Secure-A-Kid Safety Harness for CAR seat belts | Products | 4akid

Secure-A-Kid Safety Harness for seat belts for age 3 years up to adults

As seen on television on SABC3 Mamas & Papas Lifestyle TV Magazine show

If you think your children are safe just because they’re strapped in, THINK AGAIN! Seat Belts are made for ADULTS – not children! Seat Belts are simply TOO BIG for children!

It is law in South Africa that every motor vehicle must be fitted with SABS approved seat belts/restraints. It is law in South Africa that every passenger being transported in a motor vehicle must make use of the seat belts/restraints and strap themselves in.

All seat belts fitted in cars in SA are designed and manufactured and designated as “Adult Restraints” and are therefore totally unsuitable and inappropriate for children less than 12 years of age or under 1,5 meters tall.

It is the drivers responsibility to ensure that all passengers are strapped in.

A suitable replacement for a booster seat

Use from age 3 years up and even adults can use it!

Ideal for daily use in mom or dad’s car, school lift schemes, grannies cars and more.

Fully portable and easy to install.

Protect your child – give your child maximum comfort and the best possible support by fitting the Secure-A-Kid Safety Harness.

To see the Secure A Kid being used in by kids, view our gallery page or click here

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